Monday, August 31, 2015

FanDuel MLB Batter vs. Pitcher stats and Hot and Cold hitters for 8/31/15

 Red Sox

David Ortiz is 8- 22 vs. Nova with a homer

De Aza is 7-10 with a homer


Ellsbury is 4-7 vs. Rodriguez with two homers

A rod is 3-6 with one homer


Logan Forsythe is 7-22 with 3 homers off Chen

Daniel Nava is 7-16

Longoria 9-31

Guyer is 5-16


Pearce 3-8 with two HRs

Chris Davis 4-010 with a HR

Manny Machado 6-16

Adam Jones 2-20


Cruz is 6-12 with 2 HRs off of Keuchel

Cano is 2-16

Trumbo is 5-10 with 2 HRs


Werth is 6-12 vs. Lackey with one HRs

Escobar is 10-27


Alonso is 8 for his last 19

Solarte is 3 for his last 25


Adrian Gonzalez is 4 for his last 21

Grandal is 0 for his last 10

Turner 3 for his last 20

Rollins 4 for his last 23

Pederson is 5 for his last 47

Ethier is 5 for his last 11


Arenado 2 for his last 19 but all have been on the road

Ben Paulsen is 7 for his last 19

Brandon Barnes 6 for his last 14


Inciarte is 11 for his last 28

Peralta is 11 for his last 25


Adonis Garcia is 10 for his last 26

Swisher is 2 for his last 17

Markakis is 10 for his last 26


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